Hex Marks the Spot by Ani Gonzalez

Hex Marks the Spot Drop Deady WitchyAni GonzalezOctober 19th 2018E-Book209https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42402070-hex-marks-the-spot?ac=1&from_search=true

Going to Hell is easy. Going back home is a different story.

They say you can never go back. I wish that was the case. 

Returning home is complicated when you’re a necromancer and your hometown is the Most Haunted in America. It doesn’t help that your pet hellhound chihuahua thinks the place is a dump, and it gets worse when your high school crush is still there and still dead sexy. Literally, as he’s now a ghost. 

Oh, and did I mention that I have to save the world? Yes, that too. 

I devoured this book in one read. I was hooked from start to finish. Once I read the first page there was no going back at all. I was so disappointed when I read the last page and I will defiantly be looking for the next book.

The only downside to this book and the reason it is only getting 4 stars is because I found myself getting a little lost in some bits. There seemed to be references to Ani Gonzalez previous works which really annoyed me as before requesting this book I had never heard of the author before, so I found myself getting a little lost and going back and forth just to double check I hadn’t missed any vital information in previous pages. I literally thought I had lost my mind. If I had known beforehand that I would have to have some inside knowledge and read her previous works I probably wouldn’t have even bothered.

The characters had me hooked and the storytelling was just spot on. The more I learned the more I wanted to know. It just kept getting better and better. The story doesn’t let off and its action from start to finish which means that you just don’t get bored of reading this book.

This book kicks off to a great series start and I seriously can’t wait to see what happens next.